The Tune of the Millenial Grave

The man on the moon; hums a cynical tune,
watching over demise and distress.
For his evil will spawn as the sun breaks the dawn,
in a brilliant game of chess.
His pieces are played and he sharpens his blade.
He moves with ease and finesse.
The blood that is spilled as another swallows a pill;
their souls he will caress.

For his game has begun; no one can outrun.
Watching our demise and distress.
He will guide each hand till we cannot stand,
in a brilliant game of chess.
Till our blood pools; we are all the ultimate fools.
He moves with ease and finesse.
Taking that line maybe for the last time,
our souls he will caress.

Deep down he knows each of your delicate woes,
watching your demise and distress.
His work is a dance, but you fight for a chance,
it’s a brilliant game of chess.
Holding that gun; wanting it all to be done.
He moves with ease and finesse.
Engulfed with a painful embrace, time to finish the race;
your soul he will caress.


@Amy Myers


I feel like…

I was on this road and it was littered with bumps and cracks. I drove for miles until the road came to a fork, turning left I found myself on a new road that was beautifully paved with no fault in sight. It was smooth sailing until the dirt road I started on crept into sight. I longed for that broken road even though I had found one with fresh tar. It was the road that began my journey, the road I thought I was meant to travel till my car sputtered.

Yet, I will continue down this road, keeping my eyes wide open, trying to find the moment where this new road merges with the old road.

Break Free

In the front of this room is a cross.
Next to me is a woman with her arms stretched toward the sky,
behind me is a man with his face to the ground and his eyes closed.
This is the world I was born into.
This is the world that once gave me peace.
Until the woman’s hands filled with greed
and her ears closed to reason.
The man never looks up,
his eyes cast on the ground with permanent judgment.

Still, the cross stands at the front,
Powerful and strong.
A soft glow touches each angle,
blinding the bodies around me.

I leave behind the whispers and the glances
And walk to the cross.
“What is it you want from me?”